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Zwei Brücken (2022)

"Zwei Brücken" (two bridges) is a radiophonic piece in which human physicality and bridge constructions come together. The starting point for the piece was what I might call an everyday trauma: the explicit description of an impalement in Ivo Andric's book The Bridge over the Drina. The book was an old edition from my father's library, which I started reading about 8-10 years ago. I broke off at the said point and have not finished the book since. A two-lane, steel and disused railway bridge crosses the Wiese, a small river from the Black Forest that flows into the Rhine in Basel. The bridge is surrounded by forest and can be reached via a high track. It is part of the former access road to the Badischer Bahnhof and it is also part of my personal environment. The piece blends, connects and contrasts sounds, fantasies and emotional experiences from these two situations. Perhaps in the sense of a musical magic realism.

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